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The Fontographer’s Market Online!

The Typography Links’ page just got a little longer. These are just a few of the typography resources availble on the worldwide web. You can find many very good fonts licensed for free distribution over the internet.

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    Adobe Typekit

    Typekit is a subscription font service that brings thousands of fonts from foundry partners into one library for quick browsing, easy use on the web or in applications, and endless typographic inspiration.

  • http://typekit.com
  • Google Web Fonts

    All Google fonts are Open Source. This means that you are free to share your favorites with friends and colleagues. You can even customize them for your own use, or collaborate with the original designer to improve them.



    Experiment with Typography: Typecast works just like the web, with an infinite canvas. Design a working prototype using a simple visual controls then export production-ready HTML & CSS or share by URL.



    Type detail is an online open source project, inspired by the great discontent's 100 day project and Stephen Coles's great book The Anatomy of Type.

    Typedetails Project


    Typedia is a community website to classify typefaces and educate people about them. Think of it like Wikipedia, but just for type. Anyone can join, add, and edit pages for typefaces or for the people behind the type.


    Modular Scale

    Modular Scale is a calculator makes a set of numbers called a modular scale, which you use like a ruler. Bases are a scale's root numbers. Ratios are multiplied by the base to produce a scale of numbers that is proportionally related.

    Modular Scale Project
    Modular Scale on GitHub
    Color Scheme Project

    My Fonts

    Webfont licenses on MyFonts are perpetual and don’t require a subscription. There’s no monthly fee to use your fonts. Once you purchase the license, it’s yours. You can test any webfont before you buy with a 30-day trial.


    Font Squirrel

    Free fonts: It is hard to find quality freeware that is licensed for commercial work. Font Squirrel has done the hard work, selecting these typefaces and presenting them in an easy-to-use format.


    Font Spring

    Worry-free, perpetual font licensing for everyone. Thousands of fonts with easy licensing for desktop, web, ebooks and apps.


    Font Shop

    More perpetual font licensing for desktop, web, ebooks and apps snd a glossary of typographic terms and features.


    Font Specimen Sheets

    Web Font Specimen is a handy, free resource web designers and type designers can use to see how typefaces will look on the web.


    Cross Browser Testing

    Cross browser test your website in dozens of browsers with instant results. It's a fee for service website with a trial plan available


    Typekit Server Status

    Continuous Monitoring of Typekit's online server status. If there's a problem with Typekit Fonts, check to be sure the servers are up and running.


    Typekit Practice Site

    Typekit Practice is a collection of resources and a place to try things, hone your skills, and stay sharp. Good decisions take practice and great ones stand on a solid foundation.


    The Typekit Blog

    Stay informed with what's going on at Typekit with advice on how to control font loading and inspiration for using Web Fonts.


    WebFont Loader

    A JavaScript library developed by Google and Typekit that gives you an amazing amount of control over the font loading process. You can use it control the Flash Of Unstyled Text (FOUT) or to control other resource loading based on font loading.



    Open-source JavaScript library that allows you to detect many HTML5 and CSS3 features, including @font-face support. Using Modernizr you can detect when a browser or device doesn't support Web Fonts, and provide targeted fallback styles.


    Nice Web Type

    The personal site of Tim Brown, type manager for Typekit. Fantastic articles on type and typography, using Typekit, and links to many wonderful tools and resources.


    CSS Fonts Module Level 3

    Want to learn more about @font-face and Web Fonts? Go right to the source and read the W3C's specification behind @font-face support in CSS.


    Font Squirrel

    Fantastic resource for finding free fonts, creating @font-face kits, and learning more about how to host your own Web Fonts. Be sure to check out the forums and join the community discussion.


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“Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.”

— Robert Bringhurst

“Geometry can produce legible letter but art alone makes them beautiful. Art begins where geometry ends, and imparts to letters a character trascending mere measurement.”

— Paul Standard

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